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Resiliency and Spiritual Fitness

By David Potter, Family Clinician, Spiritual Care Counselor, M.Div, MCAP

Lesson 1 - History and resiliency - This session discusses the importance of spiritual fitness and resiliency.

Lesson 2 - Spiritual fitness & spirituality - This session examines the definition of spirituality and the meaning of spiritual fitness.

Lesson 3 - Honesty & spirituality - This session introduces the concept of boundaries and emphasizes the importance of maintaining self-worth, self-acceptance, and self-respect.

Lesson 4 - Self-honesty - This session examines the concept of self-honesty and Johari’s window.

Lesson 5 - Healthy relationships & spirituality - This session examines the characteristics of healthy relationships.

Lesson 6 - Higher power & connection - This session takes a deeper look at personal decision-making and the role a higher power in that process.


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