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Mental Health for the Leader

By Cheryl Clopton, MS, Professional Coach and Educator

Lesson 1 - Leadership and wellness - This session introduces leadership, highlights its different functions, and emphasizes the need for wellness in a post-COVID, every-changing world and economic environment.

Lesson 2 - The importance of how we start our day - This brief session emphasizes the importance of starting our days gently and mindfully.

Lesson 3 - Meditation - This session highlights the benefits of meditation and provides tips on how to incorporate it into daily life in order to achieve maximum results.

Lesson 4 - The importance of how we end our day - This session discusses the importance and benefits of good night’s sleep.

Lesson 5 - Journaling - This session evaluates the benefits of daily journaling and how valuable it is can be for stress relief and emotional and mental health.

Lesson 6 - Gratitude Journaling - Gratitude journaling- This session discusses the benefits of gratitude journaling and the positive effects of gratitude expression on our mental and emotional health.

Lesson 7 - Community - Community- This session discusses the correlation between stress reduction and having and strong community, a healthy inner circle, and quality friendships.


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