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Work-Life Balance

By Brandon Hamdorf, CCAR Certified Recovery Coach

Lesson 1 - What work-life balance is not - This session discusses what work-life balance is and is not. It encourages an examination of priorities in order to further identify your unique work-life balance needs.

Lesson 2 - Achievement and enjoyment at work - This session discusses the importance and value in experiencing joy and recognizing achievement at work.

Lesson 3 - Balance and family - This session examines prioritizing family and recommends small areas of change in order to create more time and space to connect with loved ones outside of the workplace.

Lesson 4 - Balance and friendships - This session emphasizes the importance of setting aside time for friends and social play time. It highlights the importance of connection with others in relation to work-life balance and overall mental health.

Lesson 5 - Making changes - This session discusses the purpose of work-life balance. It emphasizes the importance of prioritization within a person’s work, career, and personal life in order to achieve a sustainable balance.


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