Enhancing the mental health of organizations and families

Spirence is a leading supplier of virtual mental health and wellness products for employers. Our offerings are prevention-focused and thoughtfully designed to build the mental health literacy and emotional intelligence of the user.

Enhancing the mental health of organizations and families
The Spirence Standard

The Spirence Standardspirence

The Spirence Standard requires all team members to have expertise in the mental health field, an above and beyond attitude towards helping and empowering others, and a commitment to delivering the highest quality experience, tools, and education to our members.

All of our products are designed carefully and intentionally, integrating our team’s vast knowledge of effective resiliency and healing techniques. We believe experience and deep understanding are required in order to assist individuals in their personal growth and mental health journey. Our goal is to educate and empower members by leveraging the Spirence Standard providers and educators within our network.

“Spirence has the ability to positively impact every business, every investment, every person, at any time. The resources are endless and it creates an affordable access to information that is so vital in today’s world.”
Spirence President & Founder, Mike Holloway


Mike Holloway

President & Founder

11 years of experience as a behavioral healthcare CEO and leader. Mental health routine: Crossfit, CBT, golf, friends and family.

Laura Kunz

Vice President

14 years of experience in behavioral healthcare sales, marketing, and leadership. Mental health routine: exercise, nutrition, meditation, CBT, nature, friends and family.

Jennifer Chripczuk

Director of Wellness

25+ years of experience in HR, benefits and wellness and a committed advocate for mental health in the workplace. Mental health routine: laughing, floating in the pool & listening to the birds, walking on the beach, friends and family.

Dan Perzanoski

Individual and Family Coach and Clinician

30+ years of experience in behavioral healthcare, substance use disorder and mental health counseling, Family System and Dynamics coaching, and leadership. Mental health routine: exercise, nutrition, mindfulness meditation, nature, friends and family.


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