Mental Well–Being Library

Mental Well–Being Library

We understand that people are busy, often working at a pace that only allows small increments of time for self-care. For members who can only allocate 15 minutes to their well-being here and there, our mental well-being video library is filled with over one hundred self-paced professionally-produced educational modules taught by highly credentialed and nationally-recognized mental health and leadership experts. Log in and learn about mindfulness, trauma and PTSD, family therapy, couples’ therapy, resiliency, gambling, addiction, eating disorders, and many other relevant topics from the privacy of your home or office. When it comes to mental health, we believe quality and connection are key and it does not have to come at the cost of privacy, convenience, or time management.

Sample modules from Spirence courses

Sample 1 : Mindfulness

Sample 2 : Resiliency and Spiritual Fitness

Sample 3 : Sober Curiosity and Mindful Drinking

Sample 4 : Traits of a gambler

Sample 5 : The Importance of Self-Investment.



At Spirence, we’ve replaced a digital coaching approach with an easy, accessible, and affordable video coaching platform. Our coordinators work with your members’ busy schedules to find optimal times to connect with our credentialed and experienced coaches. All coaches are hand-selected for each member utilizing artificial intelligence-powered mental health screenings. Spirence coaches meet our Spirence Standard and are certified life coaches, recovery coaches or clinicians with many years of experience.

Set goals, embrace accountability to achieve goals, and grow in the areas of relationships, career, physical health, and mental health. At Spirence, we believe in the magic of hearing someone’s voice and giving them the space to fully express their thoughts, emotions, and goals to an engaged and caring coach


    Family Educational Webinars & Virtual Support Sessions

    Family Educational Webinars & Virtual Support Sessions

    Due to our team’s hundreds of years combined experience in behavioral healthcare, we understand the importance and value in family education and support. Spirence provides access to confidential Family Educational Webinars and Virtual Support Sessions offered weekly. These sessions are led by clinicians or team members who specialize in family recovery support. Receive education, share family challenges, or find out how to best support your loved ones from caring and attentive experts.



    Spirence offers weekly live and recorded webinars delivered by subject matter experts on a wide range of mental health-related challenges. This weekly event will provide members with quality education and insight around mental health-related challenges.

    Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CISD)

    In the instance of a traumatic or high-stress event within the workplace, Spirence can deploy an experienced team to provide in-person Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CISD) or the Critical Incident Stress Peer Support Team Model. Virtual CISD consults are also available provided within hours of the critical incident, presenting immediate support and guidance to key members.

    Virtual and On-Site Seminars

    Spirence offers virtual or onsite seminars led by engaging, experienced, and Spirence Standard presenters on a wide range of mental health, substance use, and wellness topics. Educate or train your members on stress management, self- awareness, family systems, trauma, resiliency, suicide prevention, peer support, mental health, healthy boundaries and more.


    Innovative and self-paced behavioral health and wellness solutions designed to improve the overall mental well-being of our nation’s workforce


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