Mental Health Education for Everyone

Mental Health is a crucial component of employee benefits programs, but 75% of the workforce is underserved by their current plans.  Spirence’s mental health literacy platform is designed for everyone to develop and deepen the skills they need for emotional, social, and psychological well-being

Mental Health Education Matters

What about the other 75%?  Shouldn’t they be supported in their mental health? Spirence supports everyone at every point, whether you’re thriving, striving, struggling, or in crisis. Our educational and prevention content builds the mental health literacy of your workforce and their loved ones.  

The Value of Prevention

By understanding how to recognize mental health struggles in oneself or others, we can prevent: 

Delays in seeking help and reaching crisis points

Recognizing symptoms early leads to more accurate diagnoses and appropriate treatment. 

Untreated conditions

Encouraging people to seek help sooner prevents conditions from worsening. 

Poor coping mechanisms

Providing knowledge and resources about healthy coping strategies reduces reliance on harmful behaviors. 

Inadequate use of clinical resources 

When an individual or their loved ones do seek help, resources are easier to navigate. 

Mental Health Literacy for Your Workforce

Having language and knowledge of mental health aids in one’s ability to recognize, manage, and potentially prevent clinical intervention.

Mental Well-Being Library

The Spirence Mental Well-being Video Library offers videos led by behavioral healthcare professionals on a variety of mental health and wellness topics.

Live Coaching

Weekly live group coaching sessions led by professional wellness coaches and clinicians. Receive confidential expert coaching in the areas of career, relationships, mental wellness.

Mental Health Seminars

Weekly live and recorded seminars delivered by subject matter experts on a wide variety of mental health topics. This weekly event will provide members with quality education and insight around mental health-related challenges.

Employee Support and Engagement

Employee well-being and confidentiality are our specialty.  Our self-paced platform and easy access to clinical care help you create a healthier, more productive workplace.  

Comprehensive Learning

We meet the needs of all employees, no matter where they are in their mental health journey by providing relevant content, live interactive events and support sessions.   

Bridge to Clinical Care

Whether it’s easy access to other employer-sponsored mental health benefits or resources through our expansive global network, Spirence has quality clinical care covered. 

One-on-One Coaching

Connect your employees with certified life and recovery coaches for one-on-one virtual sessions beginning with a confidential AI-powered mental health screening. 

Flexible & Accessible

The Spirence virtual library is available in over 130 languages and we accommodate a wide variety of disabilities that allows each user to personalize their journey.

Our Approach Works

Engaging content keeps employees interested and involved, leading to real-life change.


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