Mental Health Education for Everyone

We’ve innovated workplace mental well-being by combining the convenience of virtual solutions with hundreds of years of direct care experience in behavioral healthcare. As mental healthcare experts, we understand the value in mental health literacy for everyone. 

Our Story

Through years of first-hand experience, we found the need to:

  • Reduce the stigma around addiction and mental health in the workplace
  • Encourage companies to invest in their employee base and their families for proper prevention of mental health conditions.
  • Provide easy and affordable access to proactive and preventative mental health education

The Value of Prevention

By understanding how to recognize mental health struggles in oneself or others, we can prevent: 

Delays in seeking help and reaching crisis points

Recognizing symptoms early leads to more accurate diagnoses and appropriate treatment. 

Untreated conditions

Encouraging people to seek help sooner prevents conditions from worsening. 

Poor coping mechanisms

Providing knowledge and resources about healthy coping strategies reduces reliance on harmful behaviors. 

Inadequate use of clinical resources 

When an individual or their loved ones do seek help, resources are easier to navigate. 

Spirence in the Community

The Spirence Standard requires our team to have expertise in the mental health field, an above and beyond attitude towards helping and empowering others, and a commitment to delivering the highest quality tools and education to our members.

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